Miles The Anti​-​Virus Robot (BITW003)

by Thompost

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    MTAVR is a concept album based on the story of Miles, a robot left in charge of anti-virus protection. Upon a newly formed ocean, Miles must go and do a routine check of ocean, making sure all files have been created intact. On discovering a group of infected maintenance bots within the ocean, he must begin his search for the cause of the virus before it spreads to too many others. The fate of the system may be at stake.

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The Story Of Miles
Inside every computer is a civilisation of robots working hard to keep your computer functioning. Oceans of information are formed and connected with channels inside the hard drive. Every so often with a full system upgrade comes a new security force tasked with cleaning up the Data Towns and Cyber Cities within the Oceans.

Miles is an Anti-Virus Robot, the most up-to-date security guard of the system, that is sent down to a newly formed ocean down on the outskirts of the Hard Drive to perform a Virus Scan of the new Ocean. The beach is already filled with Info Bots celebrating the creation of a new Ocean with a groovy Beach Party.

Miles' sensors kick in and he feels the Ocean trying to communicate with him. Inviting him in for an ominous swim.

Miles enters the Ocean and in the depths within he finds "Travel Pics" a Data Town of corrupt pictures that used to be resemble landscapes from an Organic world.

The Maintenance Bots who worked there are broken and flailing around in a glitched rhythm causing damage to the .jpegs and .pngs with their Tools

Miles analyses the virus, finding that it is traveling through the water from the Well of the Info Ocean. He creates a disinfectant and heads to the Root (Folder) of the problem.

Upon arriving he finds Enocks-E the previous version of the antivirus software. Feeling discarded and helpless, Enocks-E had let "Sadness", a trojan horse virus, torture his mind into diluting another virus into liquid and spreading it into the new Ocean of Information to ultimately be connected to, and therefore infecting, all the other Oceans and causing a Global Hard Drive Failure! Miles' new firmware update equips him with "Happiness". He utilises it to cure Enocks-E of his "Sadness"

Together, Miles and Enocks-E close the hatch on the Virus before it reaches the beach or any other Information Oceans and spread the disinfectant through the water counteracting the virus and repairing any fixable damage.

Miles returns to the beach party with the Broken Bots and Enocks-E to celebrate with the Info Bots

Some of the files will be broken beyond repair and a few maintenance bots set for an early retirement but with the Virus Scan over and the emails checked the user puts the computer back to sleep.....mode.


MTAVR is the first full-length release on Babes In The Wood, It is a concept album from the creative mind of Thomas Hoey. Thomposts forth album takes his direction into purely electronic realm, focusing more on crafting sounds within his computer hardware. This lay the fundamental groundwork for the concept of a robot protecting the world from malicious threats.

Remix stems available here


released February 25, 2014

Written and produced by Thomas Hoey.
Mastering by Tom Karasek
at Gargle And Expel Studios
Artwork by Samuel Stenning
Story and concept by Thomas Hoey
BITW003 / Album / Digital

©Babes In The Wood 2014



all rights reserved


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